Saturday, September 9, 2023

in the summer

September is hydrocephalus awareness month.  During the summer, I attended a Pediatric Hydrocephalus Conference. It was great meeting other individuals and families who are living with hydrocephalus.   Always nice to talk with others who truly understand what it's like to live with this chronic illness. 

It was 10 years ago this month that I started making a short film about my shunt as it was doing some weird things inside my head. At the time, I didn't' know it was on the wrong side of my brain. I later figured this out on my own in March 2014

Whenever I talk about my brain injuries with anyone, I always emphasize how you have to listen to your gut, as it doesn't lie to you. Had I not listened to my body back in 2013 when I felt vibrations inside my head and on my spine, I would not be here. Had I not advocated for myself and insisted my neurosurgeon do surgery, I would not be here.  I later fired this doctor ( since he wasn't taking my complaints seriously ) and he got animated in my film. I always tell people if you can't advocate for yourself, then get someone else to do this on your behalf.

Like any brain injury survivor, you're just never the same afterwards. I've been having walking issues again and I'm back in physical therapy.  With chronic pain issues in my head and leg this week, I found myself again listening to movie soundtracks such as Treasure Planet (2002)Blue Beetle (2023) and Sailor Stars (1997)

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