Tuesday, June 21, 2022

More than 3 days and the rain

The rain and the barometric pressure caused my chronic pain issues.  Last week, there were three days of the following symptoms:

Pain in the back of my head from the chiari malformation.

Pain behind my eyes.

Dizziness and some double vision when turning my head to the right.

Pain on the shunt valve. 

I sometimes take pain medication to better tolerate and or reduce the pain I feel. If I don't have to go anywhere and I feel this way, I don't go out. Last week, I had places I needed to be, and I didn't have the option to stay home.  I took medication during the day, and it didn't relieve my symptoms. 

I didn't feel better until a few days later. Today is a huge improvement from how I was feeling during the weekend and part of last week. 

I do find it comforting to talk to others who also experience pain from the weather and pressure changes. People who have medical devices, medical conditions chronic migraines experience chronic pain from the weather and who knows what else is in the atmosphere, like the phases of the moon and satellites.  It's just nice to know I can talk to others who can relate. 

When I don't have to be anywhere, and I have chronic pain issues there's always time for at least an hour of Nintendo or drawing. 

No Nintendo therapy today (6/30) due to pain behind my eyes and pain on the top of my head and down the side of my neck from the distal catheter.