Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Super Super

 The last few days have been pain free. 

Then there was today.

Sometime this afternoon I began feeling the following:

Headache pain the back of my head (from Chiari Malformation)

Nausea from my shunt adjusting itself....

Pressure and pain the forehead

Pain behind both of my eyes.

Pain on both sides of my head. 

Pain on the shunt valve and along the distal catheter down the back of my head and into some of my neck.

I took two different pain medications about a hour apart from each other starting around 12pm and then again at 2pm. 

Three hours later, I still have head pain. 

I attempted Nintendo therapy with Super Mario World (SNES) and was not very successful. Let's just say lots of game overs....I felt compelled to play of course after seeing the film recently.

Maybe it's because the weather is warmer now, satellites, drones, the moon.... whatever else is in the atmosphere that effects these programmable shunt valves many people ( of various ages ) have to deal with....