Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3.86 Miles

Banner for the walk
Brain Injury facts along the walk
On Saturday, October 7, I walked with at least 100 people for Brain Injury awareness. I walked a total of 10,159 steps in 3.86 miles. I walked with one of my friends.  Great to see so many people impacted by brain injury. When the walk was over, they served sandwiches, snacks and there was live music.

I've been to my local brain injury support group in September. I went again earlier this week. There are other support groups in my area which I plan to attend.

EYE UPDATE: I went to see my eye surgeon for a yearly visit and was told my eyes are in good working condition. No double vision except when my head is positioned differently like when I'm lying down. I do have some double vision when I look above my glasses, the doctor said this was a normal thing which happens because of the prisms inside glasses. Doesn't happen with contact lenses as the entire eye is covered. In March 2015, I had surgery to correct the double vision I had after my brain injuries.
What's left of a rare pay phone at the park.

Brain Injury Fact along the walkway
I received a free shirt for registering early.