Monday, September 20, 2021

shifting eyes and walking

 My shunt's been behaving itself the last few days. No pain from the valve, distal catheter and no pain from different parts of my scalp and sides of my head. Today, my right eye misaligned a few times in the evening. Besides having minimal to no shunt pain this weekend, I enjoyed this song from The Lego Batman movie, the music and the video together just makes me smile. 

Saturday, September 4, 2021


Pain medication worked yesterday for my shunt pain. Today, I've been dizzy and I've had some double vision issues and pain on the left side of my scalp. 

The highlight of my day today was seeing a butterfly outside and getting to a new level on the Felix the cat video game for Nintendo. 

Since I have no plans today and I don't feel like going anywhere because of chronic pain issues, looks like it will be a day of reading and maybe a possible Batman The Animated Series marathon...

9/5/21 - woke up this morning with chiari malformation headache in the back of my head, forehead pain and distal catheter pain at the top of my head and some pain behind my eyes. Pain medication didn't alleviate all of discomfort....Looks like it's back to reading and watching animated tv shows...

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

In September...

It's September and that means is is Hydrocephalus Awareness month.   I made a film about my own brain injuries while having shunt revision surgery in March 2014. My story is just one of many people who live with hydrocephalus.  I started filming in 2013 because I knew something was wrong with my shunt and I figured making a short film about what I was going through would be a way to spread awareness about hydrocephalus. In 2014, after I had multiple brain injuries while having shunt revision surgery, I decided to keep filming while I was in rehab.

For the month of September My film, Shunt Chronicles, my brain, art and school can be viewed online:  Shunt Chronicles on Youtube