Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sun, moon and a garden

 Before April's eclipse, I was concerned my shunt would have the same reaction it did during the eclipse in 2017.  I was pleasantly surprised this year. I had a some valve pain and shunt adjustment issues (nausea and pain from the catheter) the day before and a little during the morning of the eclipse. It wasn't as bad as the experience I had in 2017 where I felt like my head and shunt were being squished by gravity. 

Seeing the eclipse was exciting and a little bittersweet, as it made me think about my late cat, Stella (2000-2023). We  watched the eclipse in 2017 together. The fun part of the 2024 eclipse, I had a new friend ( left ) who I believe was trying to watching something out the window that day.

 Later during the week, I went with a friend to a flower garden (below right). Being outside was great even though it was very windy out that day. The wind bothered my shunt and I was still able to enjoy being outdoors.

For some reason today, songs from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) are in my head...