Monday, October 11, 2021

One week special

 For about a week, I've had pain on the shunt valve, pain along the distal catheter down into the side of my neck and some nausea from the distal catheter in my stomach. It seems the shunt was making some sort of adjustment, this time without beeping sounds. I also had elevated csf pressure in my forehead, pain behind both eyes and pain on the top left side of my scalp. I believe as I've mentioned in previous posts, that the nerve issues I have on the top left corner of my scalp could be 'phantom limb' issues from my injuries in 2014. 

I went to my local Brain Injury Awareness walk which was in person this year. Last year, because of the pandemic, it was virtual only.  It was wonderful to be around the many people impacted by brain injury.

Yesterday, I had chiari headaches in the back of my head and it's continued into today. There's also been the occasional ringing in my right ear that travels throughout the center of head. I took pain medication this morning which has helped  a little with the pain, although I feel dizzy in the back of my head.  Tomorrow will be better.