Friday, January 27, 2017

January Neurologist visit

Saw the neurologist on Tuesday. She had brought up an interesting point during our meeting. She had told me to be mindful of my mood and how that may have an impact on my shunt and scalp pain. I hadn't thought about this before. It makes sense.  The ProGav doesn't like rain, humidity, snow or extreme heat.

I'll have to be mindful of my mood and certain triggers which may impact how I feel and the ProGav.

Found a good website about how Hydrocephalus, sounds like a movie title:

Hydrocephalus: the lethal condition

Friday, January 20, 2017

Barometric Headaches

Yesterday, was the first day I had relief from an intense barometric pressure headache from my shunt.  I was doing really good for a little over two weeks now and then on Monday, the ProGav decided began rebelling again. As mentioned in previous posts, the device or robot inside my brain is temperamental when it comes to the weather.

Someone shared a link with me this afternoon about how to deal with Barometric pressure.

Then there's also the effects of Hydrocephalus on the brain, things I didn't even know before...
I know internal organs can heal themselves.

The brain doesn't recover from damage. I wonder why this is. I see my neurologist next week and may ask her.