Saturday, May 28, 2022

Madness again....

 This week:

Each time I moved my head, I would have pain on the shunt valve because it was making adjustments each time I would move. The type of shunt I have is known to make adjustments constantly. I don't feel it all of the time except on days like this week.

Pain behind my both my eyes and sometimes behind just the right eye. I was told this was not from the surgery I had in 2015, that it was a result of the injuries I had in 2014.

Pressure and pain in my forehead.   

TMJ issues in my jaw and ear.

Headache pain from the chiari malformation in the back of my head.

Right leg crossed over the left leg randomly as I turned - I almost fell,I was able to catch myself before landing on the floor. This happened while I was home.

Since I don't have to go anywhere for now it's time for exercise, watching cartoons and drawing.

That's the thing about resiliency, you just have to do things even if you don't feel well. People of all ages who have to deal with chronic pain and/or an unruly medical device like a cerebral shunt can relate to this.

Every time the weather changes my cerebral shunt decides what if feels like doing on that specific day.

I've tried a variety of natural and other types of pain reliever. 

Pain medication doesn't always work. 

There are people out there who might think we're making this up. Some will be dismissive because they are ignorant or they just don't want to feel your pain because it upsets them. 

In the meantime, while my shunt decides to be unruly I'm just find something to do as a healthy distraction. 

There's always time for Nintendo when you're home.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

In May

 May is stroke awareness month. My shunt is behaving itself today, better than the last week with constant pain from the shunt valve and different parts of my head. No pain from the chiari malformation, or TMJ.  No pain behind my eyes and I haven't had any almost falling on my face incidents with my right leg crossing over my left leg. 

I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.

For the month of May, I posted my brain injury film online. I'm just one of millions of people young and old who have had a brain injury and a cerebral shunt: Shunt Chronicles Film