Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sexy Patch

I went to see a neuro-opthamologist yesterday regarding my right eye. According to the doctors ( I saw two ) the reason I have double vision five months after my stroke in March of this year is because my right eye has been moved out of place. I had senses it had been shifted since March because when I look at a lamp with both eyes open and tilt my head to the left (for example) the image of the lamp in my left eye will stay in place while the image of the lamp in my right eye will move either up or down depending on if I tilt my head up or down. I was tested for prism lenses to see if this would correct my double vision. The level I would need is a 30.

I had been tested for prism lenses in the beginning of May with a different doctor and the level I was tested at was 30. This means the thickness of the lenses would be about an inch. They don't make prism glasses at that high of a level and thickness. Overall my best option is to have surgery (3rd time this year) to realign my eyes.  Since it's been five months I have to wait until the sixth month before any surgery can be done. He wants to see me again in September to look for any changes. He doesn't think anything will change too much between now and the next six weeks.

According to him, anything that was going to heal on it's own already fixed itself. I still have some balance issues and feel a little numbness around my lips and tongue.  I'll also have to meet with an eye surgeon during September. I can drive around the county during the day and when it's nice outside for now. 

Eye alignment
Eye with patch

Glasses with tape

The eye doctor told me I didn't have to wear an eye patch anymore because I'm not 7 years old. He took some medical tape and attached it to my right lens. I don't have double vision because the tape on the right side blocks me from seeing out of that eye. At the same times no one knows whats wrong with my eye and I'm not sweating underneath the patch anymore. I will use this for now until September.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


My right eye has improved and I don't look as crossed eyed as before. The images are starting to align in the far corners first then moving inward. The pain is still there from the muscles putting themselves back into place. There are times where it feels like my eye is being stabbed with a sharp object. Pressure is also being relieved off the left eye, but not as much as the right. I believe I could have my right eye back by the end of July. If not then, it should be before the end of August.
Right eye as of July 10

There's still something going on with the catheter in my stomach. Everyday I feel sharp, throbbing pains where the catheter is both underneath previous revision scars and from the top to the bottom of my stomach. I was given an adjustment in May and that helped alleviate some of my symptoms. I suspect I'll need another when I see my doctor again next month. The challenging part is having to wait until then.