Friday, October 4, 2013


Some days are better than others. There are maybe one to three days out of the month were I'm not feeling any pain in my head, neck or discomfort in my stomach.  Yesterday was the worst in terms of head discomfort.  All day at least every other hour I had short spurts of pain on the shunt valve, on the top left corner of my head or some random spot on the back of my head.  These spurts last anywhere from 3 seconds to 2 minutes.  What I found most odd was that whenever I bent down to pick something up or dipped my head down for a few minutes, I would feel sharp pain and pulling where the shunt valve is.  Last night I was disturbed by it.  I'm trying not to worrying too much, however there are times when it can be too distracting.  While at work and this occurs I have to just ignore it.  I've become almost obsessive about recording every detail of what I've been feeling inside my head, neck and stomach since July.  I have things recorded by the minute.

 August 4th – Felt throbbing once this day top of head near shunt valve

9/26/13 – Pain on valve starting at 5am and again at 6:30am.  Fluid buildup in head around forehead and back of head.  Some dizziness.  Pain in back left corner of head, pain behind right eye and pain on valve at around 10:30am.  Experienced itching on stomach where catheter deposits for the last four days, on two of the longer scars. At 12:06pm felt sharp pains on shunt valve.

9/28/13 – 10:46am throbbing on neck catheter and again around 3pm.  Pain on valve during evening between 8pm-8:39pm. 

9/29/13 – Pain in catheter on right side of neck at 2pm and again at 8:23pm.  Dizzyiness during evening between 6pm – 7pm.  Experience itch on stomach same place as before (all day).  Experienced vibrations inside head while driving in car at approx 10:30am. Happened twice during that period. Upset stomach from 7pm – 9pm.

10/3/13 – Vibrations inside head around 4am. Happened twice. Pain and throbbing on valve around that time as well.   Trouble sleeping on right side again, clogging on catheter behind hear.  Pain on catheter at 6:17am. Pain on valve started again at 8am – 10:44am.  Pain on catheter in neck continued during morning from 8am-11am.  Vibrations around 10am-10:30am. Pain behind right eye at 11:12am. Throbbing pain returned at top right of head ( not on valve ) at a little after 1:01pm.  Continued to hurt for a few minutes stopped at 1:17pm.  Pain on valve at 2:12pm again at 2:37pm.   Pain on valve returned a different times between 4, 5 and 8pm-8:18pm.