Thursday, September 1, 2022

HAM 2022

I've been up since 4:30am with:

Pain and pressure in my forehead

Headache in the back of my head from the chiari malformation.

Pain on the shunt valve

Pain behind my eyes from injuries in 2014.

Pain on the top of my scalp on both the left and the right side. 

Some nausea in my stomach.

Medication reduced the pain a little, still have pain behind my eyes and in my head. We'll see how this improves throughout the day.

 I had three pain free days this week. 

 It was a letdown this morning because I made the effort to sleep on my left side to avoid head pain issues. Sleeping on the right side is risky as it can irritate the fragments of my old shunt that stuck inside my neck from my injuries in 2014.

Also the right side is where my shunt is and if I turn my head the wrong way on the right side, causes issues with the distal catheter. 

September is hydrocephalus awareness month

I'm just one of many people young and old who has a shunt in their brain and has to deal with all the drama that comes with it.

I made a film about my brain injuries in 2014. It can be viewed here. I am not famous, just a starving artist with a chronic illness.

Because of the pain behind my eyes no Nintendo therapy today. 

Maybe in the late afternoon, I'll attempt to color.  

It took four hours for my head pain to go away. By 11am I still had pain behind my right ear and some shunt pain.