Friday, April 23, 2021

palm trees and metal

I've discovered a new Nintendo game, Hudson's Adventure Island II. I love characters, music, and the game play. They even have happy game over music. It's just a joy and fun to play this and a good escape from my chronic pain issues. 

My shunt has been behaving itself the last few days. I had some double vision this morning when I turned my head, occasionally my eyes become misaligned. TMJ issues today along with tinnitus. I attempted to build a puzzle over the weekend and came to realization I needed more table space. I wonder how my new brain will process constructing a puzzle. Haven't done one in years prior to my injuries. 

I was at a doctor's appointment recently and the nurse commented on my medical ID bracelet. She told me she doesn't see them very often and that it was a good idea for me to be responsible for my health. There are several places where you can purchase one here are some examples: 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

dizzy with a side of pizza tv

In the last week, I've two days that were pain free. Today, I realized I still have numbness around my mouth. I have csf pressure in my forehead, chiari malformation headache in the back of my head, some tmj issues in my right ear and of course, my personal favorite, balance issues when walking and standing. This makes me sad, most often when they happen often. Especially since I remember not having these issues before my brain injuries in 2014.

What makes me smile when I have chronic pain and to escape briefly from the global pandemic?  Samurai Pizza Cats, puzzles and listening to birds.