Friday, December 4, 2020

Heavy metal and snow

Pain behind my eyes and in my forehead all day today, I took something for it and nothing has improved.  Sometimes the curamin vitamins I take work. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes ibupropfen works, sometimes it doesn’t. Yesterday was better. My shunt beeped once while I was driving last week. Most likely it was adjusting or reprogramming itself. I did think for a second that it was communicating with a satellite since it is magnetic.

If only I could order take out food or pick up on radio stations with the advanced technology inside my brain.

Many people benefit from taking prescribed medications, I’m not one of them. In the past, I’ve used prescribed medication for pain management. Because of the side effects, I had to stop.

My local mall santa decor
I was given anti depressant medication once for pain management and all it gave me was severe  mood swings. Other medications like gapapentin made my knees, fingers go numb.

Exercise is a good distraction from my pain issues as is making new art and seeing black santa d├ęcor at my local mall.

Seeing black santa fills my heart with joy, as does heavy metal holiday music.