Sunday, June 14, 2020

distanced brain?

Thursday 6/11 and Friday 6/12 were pain free and then Saturday pressure returned in my forehead along with a chiari malformation headache. Haven't had one of those in a long time. I acquired the chiari malformation from the shunt revision surgery in 2009 when my shunt was moved and my brain almost herniated.  Instead, I have this malformation by my cerebellum which causes headaches.  I've been sleeping on my side to avoid putting pressure on the back of my head which would irritate the chiari malformation and cause headaches on both side of my scalp. Also pain when moving my head has also returned. No nausea from the distal catheter which is great. I started volunteering again from a distance with my local United Way. For their Spring Day of caring, they were asking people to donated crafts and drawings which would be given to home bound seniors who receive Meals on Wheels. An example of one of those drawings I created can be found here.

The cool thing is I've discovered another distraction from my chronic pain and illness.