Friday, October 21, 2016

Treatments for brain injuries

I don't know whether or not I'd be a candidate for the medication used to treat Parkinson's which is also being used to treat some forms of brain injuries....I've taken a break from taking anything for my pain issues. The full article can be found here:

After my injuries, I found it a challenge to interact with people...There's a lot of calculating our brains are doing, synchronized with muscles and nerves....Like navigating how to sit in a chair with or without wheels....there's a big I learned during a physical therapy session one day in 2014....

Upon leaving rehab in March 2014, I struggled to interact with more than one person at a time and in a group setting it was even more overwhelming. After time though, it got a lot easier. Now I would say I'm back to where I was on a cognitive level before my brain there is a lot to celebrate....

Interesting article about socializing after brain injuries:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Traumatic Brain Injury and Animal Therapy

The scar tissue pain is getting less and less frequent. I believe it's because of my nervous system continuing to heal.  I expect at some point in the near future, I won't have any scar tissue pain.

Tomorrow is my cat Stella's 16th birthday. October 16, 2016 will be her golden birthday.  It's been a blessing to have her for such a long time. She's been a good companion and has helped me recover from my brain injuries.
Stella and I relaxing at our usual spot on the couch. 
There was a post from an online brain injury support group I belong which mentions the benefits of pets on the healing process: TBI and Animal Therapy

Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Shunt's Daily Activities, Part VI

It's been raining the last four days where I live and my programmable shunt valve is causing pain and throbbing from the scar tissue....Makes me wonder why I feel what I do  on specific days depending on the weather. Could be healing issues associated with what happened in March 2014.

From online hydrocephalus support groups I've seen people discussing how barometric pressure affects shunt valves: Barometric pressure and shunts

There is a correlation between the two, I just wonder why...It's too bad I can't check the settings myself or just get the same kit they use to make adjustments at the neurosurgeon's office.