Sunday, November 26, 2017

My brain, food and then some

 Stella on her 17th birthday: October 16, 2017.
I had the chance to get some art done today, even if it was for a short period of time. Usually depends on my attention span and ability to focus which varies.

As usual, my shunt doesn't like the wind or anything else weather related.  A lot of mental and emotional energy is required to interact and socialize with people. Being alert with a smile while your head and shunt acts anyway it wants can be challenging.  There's some pressure in my forehead today, which makes me somewhat anti social
( more so than usual )

 I've been feeling dizziness in my forehead the last few days too, most likely due to the shunt making it's adjustments. For example, when I bend down and stand up again, there is a rush of pressure in my forehead.

The next time I'm in a social situation like a family gathering and I don't feel well because of my injuries/shunt I'll excuse myself to put my head down.

As mentioned in previous posts, since the shunt reacts to the weather, too bad I can't pick up on radio stations, order take out food or something with this ''advanced technology'' inside my brain.

The weather's been so up and down it leaves me confused, brain spinning and makes me want to stay under the covers for long periods of time.

My cat Stella has been sleeping outside my bedroom door at night. She picks up on my discomfort. Her hip is sometimes attached to my leg while I walk around the house. She insists on me sitting on the couch so she can park herself right by my side.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dear shunt, I hate you.

X Ray image of my shunt from 2016.
At least last weekend was better. This week my shunt has been misbehaving causing pain, throbbing sensations during different days. Today has been the worst day so far. (aside from when the eclipse happened over the summer. ) I was up off and on during the early morning hours from shunt pain.  The only reason why I didn't stay in bed with my head buried underneath a pillow was because I'm suppose to volunteer for a few hours this morning into the early afternoon. I hope I feel better when I return home later today. I checked the weather report and see there will be rain in my area this evening. As mentioned before, my shunt ( like many others ) predicts and reacts to the weather. I also have right eye pain this morning from the TMJ and some nausea from the shunt. At least the shunt is not beeping like it did in 2016.

Monday, November 13, 2017

4.05 miles

Snapshot of the t-shirt I received.
Yesterday, I participated in a walk for literacy event in my area. I walked 10,661 steps, 4.05 miles which took about one hour and 28 minutes. I almost didn't go yesterday, as the head and shunt pain was bad in the morning, making me not want to get out of bed. The only reason why I made myself get out was because I had registered for the walk and made a donation. I'm glad I participated, as when the walk was over, my head and shunt pain was gone. This lasted until it returned for a short time in the evening until going away again.

This morning, forehead and back of head pain returned. The shunt, for now, is behaving itself. I still have head pain about and hour after eating and taking pain reliever medicine, so I hope it will be either gone or greatly reduced by the afternoon.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Wind and then some

Yesterday, where I live it was very cold outside and windy. My shunt as usual, didn't enjoy the cold weather. I experienced all day pain from the shunt valve, down the side of my neck where the distal catheter and stomach.

I did not like this.

Since I didn't have to go anywhere I stayed home, found some movies to watch. I didn't attempt to do any art, as the pain in my head was really bothering me and made me grumpy.

Today, I'm happy to report my shunt is feeling better. It's not as windy out as it was yesterday even though the temperature continues to drop.  I was tempted to exercise yesterday, although I didn't because the pain was annoying me. Tomorrow, I'll get to walk in a literacy walking event at my local shopping mall.