Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eye Update, Part I

Right eye as of 4.1.14
Saw the eye surgeon today. He said my stitches have almost all dissolve. There are stills some at the top of my eye and behind my eye which are melting away slowly. I had the option of having the one currently glued to the top my eyeball removed

At the time I declined the offer because it hasn't been bothering me as much as it was two week ago when I had the surgery. It still hurts to blink and when I move my eye to the right, I can still feel the stitch behind my right eye poking out a bit. The surgeon explain on
ce all the redness goes away which should be in about a month, I may still see the stitch at the top of my eye.

I drove for the second time this week today. So much easier to drive with single vision and both eyes uncovered. I don't get double vision when I turn my head from side to side as needed while driving. I've gotten used to blinking each time I move my head so I don't see images shifting around.  Still some dizziness when I stand.