Friday, April 24, 2020

dizzy with a side of music

I learned earlier this week, I have a relative who had a stroke; he is now home recovering and doing better. I’ve been having walking issues today and almost fell twice. I’ve had right leg crossing in front of the left leg randomly, which happens sometimes and not too often. Then today I experienced something, which never happens, my left leg crossed in front of my right leg when I was walking.

The left leg almost never does this, so it was especially odd. Shunt and scalp pain on the left side of my scalp once this morning around 2am. Followed by some scalp pain in the top right corner of my scalp this afternoon at 1:37pm.

The usual shunt and scalp pain issues could be from a variety of things such as barometric pressure, phases of the moon, and rain/snow…

These stay at home orders during the pandemic remind me of when I came home from rehab after my brain injuries in April 2014. I couldn't drive for a year and 12 days because of the damage to my right eye. The only difference now is I no longer have double vision and can drive.

During these uncertain times this Altice One commercial brings me joy:

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