Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nerve 6

Original placement of shunt valve on right side
of brain 1993-2009

I've been home since yesterday and it's at times cranial nerve 6  ( where the hemorrhage occurred at the brain stem ) For the time being I have to wear an eye patch on the right eye when I'm not using it, because without it I'd see two of everything and can technically only walk when I have the left eye.  I feel some people who have both this eyes in working order can take things for granted at times.
disorienting.  My right eye continues to make attempts to move back into place.  All of this was caused by something called the

Incorrect placement of shunt valve on
left side of brain. 2009-2014

Shunt valve returned to correct side of brain
on the right March 2014.
Walking around the house can get dizzy at times because I spent a month in the hospital walking around a few times a day. I was told my eye would fix itself in a month's time. So hopefully it will be back in the right place by the end of this month...

Mis alignment of eyes in hospital in March 2014.

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