Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CT Scans and then some...

Correct placement of shunt valve after surgery
March 2014
In three weeks I'm going to have a CT scan done of my neck and abdomen to see why I'm still feeling pain in my stomach catheter, my neck and vibrations inside my head. I suspect it's because the shunt isn't draining properly, which I mentioned to my surgeon. I could be having these pain issues ( as I've had them for 8-9 months) before I had surgery and it could be because the distal catheter I have is 20 years old. I've been having vibrations and pains in my abdomen for 9 months now.
Incorrect placement of shunt. 2009-2014 

For now I'll continue to have the following (minus the headaches):

4/20/14 - Sharp pains in lower abdomen near ’93 revision scar, clogging in catheter in stomach multiple times around 3am-5am. No appetite starting at 5am. Bruising in stomach, upset stomach and vibrations in head at 8:33am. Pain down right side of neck on catheter multiple times between 6:35am-8:30am. Felt sharp pain (vertical) on stomach catheter around 9:13am. Nausea and clogging in stomach catheter around 9:24am-9:25am and again from 1pm-3pm. Experienced pain on stomach catheter, throbbing and pain in upper/lower area of stomach/abdomen all afternoon and into evening at 5:57pm, 6:16pm. No appetite all day. Sharp pains in stomach and lower abdomen at 7:39pm with nausea, pain on right side of neck on catheter behind ear and vibrations inside head at 7:40pm, 8:16pm, 9pm. 

4/21/14 – Vibrations inside head at 3am with sharp pain on right side of neck on catheter. Surface of stomach sensitive to touch. Sharp pains in stomach on catheter and lower abdomen near ’93 revision scars at 8:05am.  No appetite this morning, nausea all day. Sharp pain on catheter in stomach at 9:16am with pain in lower part of stomach near ’93 revision scar and pain on right side of neck on catheter. Pain in stomach and pain in right side of neck on catheter at 1:12pm. Pain on right side of neck on catheter multiple times and pain in stomach/abdomen at 2:23pm, 3:04pm, 3: 35pm, 4:11pm, 4:18pm (with bad taste in back of throat) Pain in abdomen underneath revision scars at 4:21pm. Vibrations inside head at 4:23pm with pain on right side of neck on catheter behind ear. Pain on stomach catheter (horizontal) underneath revision scars at 4:35pm, 4:48pm-4:49pm with vibrations in head at 4:49pm and upset stomach at 4:51pm. Upset stomach, nausea at 4:53pm with vibrations inside head. 

4/22/14 – Bad taste in back of throat and mouth starting at 5am. Pain on right side of neck on catheter and sharp pains in stomach/stomach sensitive to touch at 6:16am. Vibrations inside head at 6:23am with pain and upset stomach. Nausea at 6:56am with pain in stomach with burping and heartburn.  Pain on right side of neck behind ear at 1:45pm, 2:11pm, 2:36pm-2:37pm. Upset stomach and nausea around 2:37pm, 2:41pm, 2:44pm. Pain on right side of neck on catheter at 2:45pm. Upset stomach with sharp pains at 2:54pm, 3pm. Pain behind right ear on catheter multiple times at 3:19pm. Pain/throbbing on stomach catheter at 3:21pm, 3:53pm ( with nausea in stomach ).

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