Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tinnutus and the sculpture

My visit to see Journey to Freedom in 2021

This morning I had an episode of tinnitus in my right ear. I started having tinnitus after my brain injuries in 2014.  This was jarring to experience as is hasn't occurred in a few months.  Totally felt like I had been hit inside the head on my right side with a whoosing sound moving from the inside of my right ear through the middle of my head. 

It lasted for what felt like a very long five minutes and was quite disorienting. The last few days I have been having balance issues and my feet have been getting confused. 

These symptoms are just one of many that I and millions of others experience after surviving a brain injury.                                                           

Recently, I was able to see the Harriet Tubman Journey to Freedom Sculpture which was making a stop in my area. The sculpture will be touring several states thru 2023.  Harriet Tubman is also a traumatic brain injury survivor.   

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