Monday, July 16, 2018

Movies and then some...

As expected, I will feel better when the fall arrives. The heat and humidity has caused me both neck, and scalp pain most of the summer. I did have a good two weeks before the weather reached above 90. I'm still trying to figure out how to sleep without disrupting my cerebral shunt or the chiari malformation type I from my injuries. I can't sleep upside down, because I'm not a bat.  There are pillows for neck support which I'm looking into getting....

I went to see Incredibles 2 earlier this month with a friend. There was a strobe light warning before the movie and I don't have a history of seizures, prior or after my brain injuries. Just to be safe, I closed my eyes or looked away during the scenes which included flashing lights. After the film, I felt a little dizzy and when I sat down again while eating, (I was in one of those bar stool chairs ) my sense of space was off and I felt awkward being elevated. This feeling was only temporary, I attribute this to the strobe lighting during the movie. Even though there was a warning about a seizure triggers, it made me wonder why the studio who made the film, would even include this effect at all. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and had a chance to get out for a few hours.

Sometime in 2015, my phone's led light flickered for a second, it was about two feet away from where I was sitting.  I felt a throbbing sensation in the back of my head. This only happened once, although it made me wonder if this reaction was related to my brain injuries. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

One fingernail painted red

Support Group Welcome sign
My local brain injury support group had their annual barbecue at a local park this week. To show unity in our group, we each painted one nail red. Everyone including myself brought snacks and other foods for everyone to enjoy along with the prepared food.  Besides going to the annual walk events, it was great to see some people from the support group attend this barbecue. While we were there, I there was a camera crew filming a commercial. There was also another group flying drones into the sky. One drone had a blue balloon with the earth painted on it. 
One of two drones at the park.

This was quite random for me to see in a park during the day. 

My red painted fingernail.
I saw another brain injury group member in their wheelchair taking photos of the park.  I walked over to him and we had a conversation about the drones and the weather.  He had explained to me how drones are more dangerous for helicopters because helicopters fly lower at the same height as drones. Airplanes fly at a higher altitude and are unreachable by drones. Drones cannot travel as far.  After our conversation, he returned to take photos around the park. Moments later, I was approached by the group flying the drones. They explained to me they were filming random acts of kindness and saw my interaction with the man in the wheelchair. 

They said thank you for showing an act of kindness and they gave me a thank you card.  I was having medical device issues since 2am this morning which continued until almost 12pm even after taking pain reliever pills.  Some pain issues continued this evening on the way home. Overall, I'm glad I was able to locate this support group meeting and enjoyed conversation and company of other group members. I look forward to attending more gatherings when I'm able to.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Traveling with Shunt

Butterfly at Butterfly Atrium 
Entrance to  Gardens
The pain free medical device sort of vacation is over for now. Since the end of last week, the shunt and eye pain has returned.  Depending on how intense the pain is, I stay home. The week of June 12, I went with a friend to Hersey Gardens. The heat wasn't too bad that day. I did have a bit of a brain breakthrough on the way home. I was getting hungry during the evening ride. As the hunger progressed, so did my head and shunt pain. To make things even better, there was some pain from the distal catheter in my abdomen. I tend to get a little hangry when I need food.

Once I had eaten my shunt and head pain disappeared. So not only is my shunt affected by the weather, other magnetic fields....I can include hungry pains too. Butterflies make me happy, which was one of the motivating factors in going to Hersey Gardens was to see them.

Nick Fury wax sculpture
As the weather has been getting more humid and into 90 degrees, it's made the shunt go crazy again. Yesterday, the pain in my right eye returned as did more pain from the valve. Because it's been so humid outside, I get the same issues I was having when the barometric pressure drops in the winter.  Last summer, I don't remember things being so intense during the summer.  This week, I've had dizzy spells, shunt pain issues, nausea and of course, pain in my right eye.

With eye patch after injuries in 2014.
Earlier this week, I went with a friend to Madame Tussands Wax Museum. I can relate to the Marvel character, Nick Fury as he has a patch on one of his eyes. As a result of my brain injuries in 2014, my right eye had been moved which caused double vision. For about one year and thirteen days, I had my eye covered. In the beginning I wore a patch on my eye. Then upon seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist, he had insisted I just cover one lens of my glasses.

The love hate relationship with my shunt often drains me at times emotionally and physically.  There are times when I question my purpose especially when I'm in pain. I have developed healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the 'the shunt is driving me insane' moments.  I cry, scream, go exercise, then put head down, repeat.

Not working for medical reasons doesn't help and I'm often times I'm home....I tend to isolate myself sometimes when I'm not feeling well.  I do get out on some occasions for volunteering, support groups.

Misadventures with a cerebral shunt continues....


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kind of happy medical device

For almost two weeks, my shunt has been behaving. It's sort of a shunt miracle to have had a several days without any discomfort.  Last night, I had some brief pain issues. Nothing nearly as bad as almost a month ago, when I had stabbing pains in the shunt valve, right eye and distal catheter pain/nausea. Earlier this week I went to my local brain injury support group which meets at a nearby medical center.

This meeting was a separate group for caregivers and survivors. The last time I had attended one of these groups was last year and it was a combined group with both caregivers and survivors.

In this week's group we spent time talking about grief and how it relates to brain injury/disabilities of any type.  Some of the grief rights we discussed in the group are the following:

1. I have the right to have my own unique feelings about my illness or injury. I may feel mad, sad, scared or lonely. I may feel numb or sometimes not anything at all, No one will feel exactly like I do.  I think some people don't want to feel the pain you're feeling or they just don't know what to say. Or they just don't want to think about what you actually went through because it's too painful for them to experience.  

2. I have the right to need other people to help me with my grief. Mostly, I need people to realize that my grief is normal and people who will listen to me without judgment. One of the reasons I'm going to attend more support groups in my area. The one I went to earlier this week also has a walk event every year which I went to last October. They also have social gatherings. This summer, they're going to have a bbq for the group. 

3. I have the right not to 'think positive' or 'be grateful' when I am grieving these losses.  I've had people right after my injuries tell me I needed to be more grateful because there were people worse off than me. My response was I never said I wasn't grateful. It was easy for me to re-learn the first three years of my life.  I've offered to give people who say this to me the same injuries I had and they usually stop talking to me about how I 'should' feel. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Explain the brain away?

Last week, my medical device caused me pain in different parts of my head, neck and face before a lightening/thunder storm. This week, the vertigo, and tinnitus I haven't had for a while now has returned. I'd rather have these symptoms than varying degrees of pain and discomfort. With both, putting my head down and taking some pain reliever/moderate exercise helps.  

I've found it a challenge at times to explain to people why/how pain affects you the way it does. People who haven't experienced brain injury and what happens to the body after sometimes don't know how to interact or respond to someone who is experiencing pain from a brain injury. Some of the pain I've experienced is related to things in the atmosphere such as weather, other devices in the area, or stress. 

When I hear things like 'Oh it's just the weather' or "Just take something for the pain' Sometimes the pain doesn't go away with pain reliever, it only diminishes to then return again later. I've provided things for people to read about pain management and brain injury. I do believe when it's family members who inquiry about your pain, they don't want to remember why you're feeling the way you do. Sometimes it's just too much for them to deal with emotionally. There are also some people who don't have empathy. 

It just depends.

This afternoon around 3pm when the sun started to emerge from the clouds, my shunt and right eye pain returned. It's suppose to rain tomorrow. A family member told me this afternoon regarding my pain 'You'll feel better soon' My reply was 'Yes, I will, it's just that my head and eye doesn't know that right now. Right now, I feel pain that hasn't gone away for a few hours now.' When we feel pain, do we have to apologize in advanced for feeling grumpy or tired? 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dear Shunt, I hate you part V

Dear Shunt,

Too bad separation isn't an option. Unless I want my brain to herniate without you.

Hamsa pendant I made at library earlier this week. 
In other news...

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week I had consistent all day shunt pain, nausea and right eye pain. Not sure where the right eye pain was coming from. Whether this was related to TMJ or my eye surgery 3 years ago. 

I suspect shunt pain is from the thunderstorm we had on Thursday night. Yesterday and today have been better. Tuesday, I had an arts & crafts workshop at my local library. The shunt valve pain was bad and I decided to attend anyway. 

I had to leave early as the pain was bothering me. I was happy to put my head down once I got back home. Pain reliever minimized the pain, only for it to return later.  I also don't make a habit of taking too many pain relievers during the day.  

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dear Shunt, I hate you Part IV

For three days this week, I felt like an ice pick had been stabbed into my right eye and top of my shunt valve. This all started on Wednesday afternoon after I saw my neurologist for a yearly appointment. I still have balance issues and some weakness on my right side.  I had one good day this week, which was yesterday....Today is just 'ok' better than earlier this week.