Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dear shunt, I hate you.

X Ray image of my shunt from 2016.
At least last weekend was better. This week my shunt has been misbehaving causing pain, throbbing sensations during different days. Today has been the worst day so far. (aside from when the eclipse happened over the summer. ) I was up off and on during the early morning hours from shunt pain.  The only reason why I didn't stay in bed with my head buried underneath a pillow was because I'm suppose to volunteer for a few hours this morning into the early afternoon. I hope I feel better when I return home later today. I checked the weather report and see there will be rain in my area this evening. As mentioned before, my shunt ( like many others ) predicts and reacts to the weather. I also have right eye pain this morning from the TMJ and some nausea from the shunt. At least the shunt is not beeping like it did in 2016.

Monday, November 13, 2017

4.05 miles

Snapshot of the t-shirt I received.
Yesterday, I participated in a walk for literacy event in my area. I walked 10,661 steps, 4.05 miles which took about one hour and 28 minutes. I almost didn't go yesterday, as the head and shunt pain was bad in the morning, making me not want to get out of bed. The only reason why I made myself get out was because I had registered for the walk and made a donation. I'm glad I participated, as when the walk was over, my head and shunt pain was gone. This lasted until it returned for a short time in the evening until going away again.

This morning, forehead and back of head pain returned. The shunt, for now, is behaving itself. I still have head pain about and hour after eating and taking pain reliever medicine, so I hope it will be either gone or greatly reduced by the afternoon.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Wind and then some

Yesterday, where I live it was very cold outside and windy. My shunt as usual, didn't enjoy the cold weather. I experienced all day pain from the shunt valve, down the side of my neck where the distal catheter and stomach.

I did not like this.

Since I didn't have to go anywhere I stayed home, found some movies to watch. I didn't attempt to do any art, as the pain in my head was really bothering me and made me grumpy.

Today, I'm happy to report my shunt is feeling better. It's not as windy out as it was yesterday even though the temperature continues to drop.  I was tempted to exercise yesterday, although I didn't because the pain was annoying me. Tomorrow, I'll get to walk in a literacy walking event at my local shopping mall.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3.86 Miles

Banner for the walk
Brain Injury facts along the walk
On Saturday, October 7, I walked with at least 100 people for Brain Injury awareness. I walked a total of 10,159 steps in 3.86 miles. I walked with one of my friends.  Great to see so many people impacted by brain injury. When the walk was over, they served sandwiches, snacks and there was live music.

I've been to my local brain injury support group in September. I went again earlier this week. There are other support groups in my area which I plan to attend.

EYE UPDATE: I went to see my eye surgeon for a yearly visit and was told my eyes are in good working condition. No double vision except when my head is positioned differently like when I'm lying down. I do have some double vision when I look above my glasses, the doctor said this was a normal thing which happens because of the prisms inside glasses. Doesn't happen with contact lenses as the entire eye is covered. In March 2015, I had surgery to correct the double vision I had after my brain injuries.
What's left of a rare pay phone at the park.

Brain Injury Fact along the walkway
I received a free shirt for registering early.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Adjustments and four paws

Image of my x ray with shunt.
Either my shunt is adjusting itself.... maybe it's just being moody or anticipating the thunderstorm which should be arriving in my area on Thursday....There are a few days (if I'm lucky) where I can get relief from shunt pain and nausea. Then there's the scar tissue pain from what happened to me in 2014.
My cat Stella with her toy mouse.

I was told by my neurologist the nausea from the distal catheter could be from the shunt adjusting. My neurosurgeon had said he didn't use ProGav shunt because they are temperamental and are always adjusting themselves.

At least I had a good day yesterday....I still had some pain issues. I was able to keep busy with exercise and some social interaction. Today I am a little grumpy from the pain and discomfort.  I may try exercise again as a distraction later. I find the endorphins help relieve the pain for a little while. My cat Stella knew I wasn't feeling well last night and early this morning, so she slept outside my door.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Brain on the Hudson

2017 Brain Injury Shirt
Flag from the walkway.
I walked today for the Brain Injury Association, they had an event near me. I had the chance to visit the Walkway Over the Hudson for the first time and got awesome views of the Hudson river and town. So nice to meet and talk to other people affected by brain injury. I look forward to other events in the future and volunteering with other brain injury groups.

Happy accident with my camera where the lens 'split' the image.
My shadow (right)  and an image of the walkway floor (left)

View of bridge from the walkway.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Total Solar Eclipse from tv

View from television 13 minutes before Eclipse starts.

Stella and I are waiting for the eclipse to start
today (August 21, 2017)

Today I've had bad shunt and head pain since this morning. Pain down the distal catheter on the top of my head and stomach. Some forehead pain and shunt pain at different times during the morning and into this afternoon.

The solar eclipse is today so I suspect this has something to do with the ProGav misbehaving.  In anticipation, Stella the cat and I are watching the eclipse on television this afternoon.

Last weekend, I visited the Boscobel Gardens in Garrison, NY. The weather was perfect, as usual, my shunt didn't like the high altitude at all.  Despite the pain, I was
still able to enjoy the visit.

                       My trip to Boscobel Museum August 13, 2017